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Wedding Choreography

First Wedding Dance Lessons


 You can choose from the following priced packages for your First Wedding Dance Lessons brought to your home:


(Styles include Waltz, Quickstep, Salsa, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Jive, Charleston, or just something natural with some twists and turns!)

The routine is choreographed specifically to your needs and requirements.


Bronze package

 3 hours

 (2 x 1.5hrs)

 3 hours for £180

(for couples who are limited on time and wish to learn half or 3/4 of a song)


Silver package

 4 ½ hours

 (3 x 1.5hrs)

 4 ½ hours for £250


(recommended for couples who want to learn a whole routine)

Gold package

  6 hours

 (4 x 1.5hrs)

 6 hours for £320

 (if you want to go that little bit further with your dance or if you want to learn something more complicated like the Dirty Dancing routine!)


Platinum Package

 7 hours

 (4 x 1.5hrs) plus 1hr rehearsal

 7 hours for £400


(add a rehearsal to increase your confidence and be step perfect on your wedding day)


 Each additional hour is charged at £45 an hour. This is after the Platinum package has been purchased.

You get a video of progress so far, so you can practice in between lessons.

Additional charged may be added to for the hire of teaching venue or studio.

Bridal Party Flashmob

What better way to surprise your guests with a choreographed dance routine and Flashmob with your bridal party and guests.

Choose your song and get in touch.


  • For £25 per person enjoy a two hour dance class that can be performed at your wedding.

  • Minimum 8 people per class.

  • No maximum limit on numbers

  • You get to video the routine so you can get your practice in before the big day.

  • Additional sessions can be arranged

We can arrange the hire of venue dance studio near you.

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